Thursday, October 15, 2015
Seminary Chapel
6:00 pm Registration (until 7 pm)
7:00 pm Welcome & Introduction
7:15 pm “The Prophetic Voice in the Old Testament: An Overview” by Jiri Moskala (Andrews University)
Facilitated by Richard Davidson
7:55 pm “The Prophetic Voice in the New Testament: An Overview” by Ekkehardt Mueller (BRI)
Facilitated by Richard Davidson
8:35 pm Panel Discussion
Richard Davidson (facilitator), Jiri Moskala, Ranko Stefanovic, Ekkehardt Mueller
9:15 pm End of Session – Closing Prayer

Friday, October 16, 2015
Seminary Chapel
8:30 am Welcome & Introduction
8:40 am “Ellen White’s Dedicated Hands” by James R. Nix
Facilitated by Jiri Moskala
9:15 am “The Hebrew Prophets and the Literature of the Ancient Near East” by Elias Brasil de Souza
Facilitated by Jiri Moskala
9:50 am Break
10:05 am “’My Heart is Fainting in Me’ (Jer. 8:18): Emotions and Prophetic Writings in the Bible” by Chantal Klingbeil & Gerald Klingbeil
Facilitated by Jiri Moskala
10:40 am “The Meaning of ‘To Prophesy’ in 1 Corinthians 14” by Larry Lichtenwalter
Facilitated by Jiri Moskala
11:15 am Panel Discussion
Elias Brasil de Souza, Chantal Klingbeil, Gerald Klingbeil, Larry Lichtenwalter, James R. Nix, Jiri Moskala (facilitator)
12:00 pm Break for Lunch
1:30 pm Welcome & Introduction
1:40 pm “The Gift of Prophecy in Ancient and Medieval Christianity” by  John Reeve and Rodrigo Galiza
Facilitated by Jerry Moon, Professor of Church History in the Theological Seminary
2:15 pm “The Reformers and the Gift of Prophecy” by Denis Fortin
Facilitated by Jerry Moon
2:50 pm Break
3:05 pm “Dreams and Visions in American Religious History” by Michael Campbell
Facilitated by Jerry Moon
3:40 pm Panel Discussion
John Reeve, Denis Fortin, Michael Campbell, Jerry Moon (facilitator)
4:20 pm End of Session – Closing Prayer

Friday Evening
Howard Performing Arts Center
6:30 pm Welcome & Introduction
6:40 pm “The ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ in the Revelation of John” by Ranko Stefanovic
Facilitated by Dwight K. Nelson
7:15 pm “Revelation/Inspiration and the Witness of Scripture by  Angel Rodriguez
Facilitated by Dwight K. Nelson
7:50 pm Panel Discussion
Angel Rodriguez, Ranko Stefanovic, Dwight K. Nelson (facilitator)
8:20 pm Break
8:30 pm We, from Battle Creek, a suite by Kenneth Logan
Andrews University Wind Symphony performing
9:00 pm End of Session – Closing Prayer

Sabbath Morning, October 17, 2015
Pioneer Memorial Church, Main Sanctuary
9:00 am &
11:45 am
Worship Services
“Why I Accept Ellen G. White’s Prophetic Ministry”
by Ted Wilson

Sabbath Afternoon
Pioneer Memorial Church, Main Sanctuary
3:30 pm Welcome & Introduction
3:40 pm “How Early Sabbath-Keeping Adventists Accepted Ellen G. White as a True Prophet” by Theodore Levterov
Facilitated by Benjamin Baker, Managing Editor, Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists
4:15 pm “The Foundational Orientation of Ellen G. White’s Prophetic Ministry” by Merlin Burt
Facilitated by Benjamin Baker
4:50 pm Sola Scriptura and Ellen G. White: Historical Reflections” by Alberto R. Timm
Facilitated by Benjamin Baker
5:25 pm “Ellen G. White and Adventist Mission” by David Trim
Facilitated by Benjamin Baker
6:00 pm Panel Discussion
Benjamin Baker (facilitator), Merlin BurtTheodore LevterovAlberto R. Timm, David Trim
6:45 pm End of Session – Closing Prayer

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Seminary Chapel
9:00 am Welcome & Introduction
9:10 am “The Use of Scripture by Bible Writers” by Clinton Wahlen
Facilitated by Teresa Reeve, Associate Dean of the Theological Seminary
9:45 am “Ellen G. White’s Insights into Scripture in Light of the Original Biblical Languages” by Richard Davidson
Facilitated by Teresa Reeve
10:20 am “Ellen G. White’s Use of Scripture” by Frank M. Hasel
Facilitated by Teresa Reeve
10:55 am Break
11:10 am “Ellen White’s Use of Extra-biblical Sources” by Jud Lake
Facilitated by Teresa Reeve
11:45 am “Making Ellen White Relevant to Third Millenials”
by Dwight K. Nelson
Facilitated by Teresa Reeve
12:30 pm Panel Discussion
Richard Davidson,  Frank M. Hasel, Jud Lake, Dwight K. NelsonTeresa Reeve (facilitator), Clinton Wahlen
1:10 pm Concluding Remarks and Presentations
1:30 pm Closing Prayer